Readiness Guide - Case Studies

With the ability to visualize infrastructure and analyze maintenance costs - including how long major assets such as roads or pipes will last - cities can save time and money in the planning process and millions in construction and maintenance costs. Even modest-sized cities often own more than $1 billion in assets and spend millions each year maintaining them.

As in any modern city, the government of Fès must support a host of civic needs, manage its budget and attract private and foreign investment, all while coping with a population migration from rural areas to the urban core.

The city of Redmond, Washington – home to Council member Microsoft’s corporate campus and a number of the software giant’s partner companies – is proud of its responsiveness and the wide range of services it offers to constituents. Aiming to take the city into the future, policymakers developed a visionary technology plan.

King Township, in Ontario, Canada, became one of the first municipalities in Canada with a fully integrated mobile app that works in conjunction with its web portal and online services to provide Anytime, Anywhere and Any Device access to information and e-services.

California utility companies are required to meet one-third of the state’s electricity needs with power produced by renewable generation sources by 2020. But the high penetration of renewable generation has created concerns regarding grid stability, power quality and safety.

With over 3.9 million citizens and more than 500 administered institutions and schools, New Taipei city government began constructing and integrating the public cloud and service cloud, not only to strengthen city government operations and that of its subordinate agencies, but also to determine public sentiment regarding government services.

Roy Buol will tell you that the theme of making Dubuque a more sustainable city was central to his successful run for mayor in 2005. He’ll tell you how much the issue resonated with the thousands of voters he spoke with in the course of knocking on thousands of doors. But one thing he won’t do is take top credit forDubuque becoming the model of a sustainable midsize city that it is today.

Portland, Oregon-based EcoDistricts seeks to inspire cities to remake themselves from the neighborhoods up. The nonprofit organization works with city builders and entrepreneurs, policymakers and innovators to create vibrant neighborhoods and smart cities. It disseminates district-scale best practices to create the neighborhoods of the future.