Wireless Mesh Communications Give Rock Hill Police, Fire Access to Critical Data in the Field

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Wireless mesh communications technology from Smart Cities Council member ABB deployed in Rock Hill, South Carolina allows city police officers to spend two more hours per day in the field.

That’s because their cars are like mini-offices. With routers mounted in police vehicles, officers have high-speed access to criminal records, including mug shots, right in their vehicles. Within seconds they can perform a background search from a laptop computer or pull up mug shots and fingerprint profiles to help identify a suspect quickly. With the ability to create and file reports from their laptops, each officer spends an average of two additional hours each day in the field protecting the community.

Rock Hill fire department vehicles are equipped with mobile routers enabling firefighters to download documentation such as building blueprints and hazmat data on their way to an emergency call so they are better prepared upon arrival.

“We’re really pleased with the fact that Rock Hill is not just staying abreast, but is actually on the cutting edge of the latest technology, and that the implementation of this technology provides a direct benefit to our citizens,” said Rock Hill Mayor Doug Echols.