Why Hayward streamlined network traffic onto a single, flexible platform

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Like many cities, Hayward, California’s IT department faces growing demand for services while budgetary resources recede.

Located in California’s Bay Area, Hayward has a population approaching 150,000 and is the third largest city in Alameda County. The city’s network provides vital technology support to its onsite and remote staff, as well as a number of important community services for city residents.

The network is the hub of all activities that keep it moving forward, including mission-critical public safety systems. As demand has grown and with technology continually evolving, the city administration realized its infrastructure was at risk of becoming outdated and complex, which was making it too costly to scale, let alone maintain.

Hayward began looking for an answer that would result in a network capable of scaling the services and applications to more effectively support staff and the public. At the same time, the city needed a streamlined solution to reduce complexity and cost..

Council member Cisco’s Nexus 5500 and 2200 Series Switches provided a platform to accomplish exactly what the city needed: new technology that would update and simplify its infrastructure and result in overall sustainability.

Using the Cisco solution to converge the data and storage networks improved how the network is managed and created a robust, more compact architecture that is very efficient. Streamlining the network traffic onto a single, flexible platform has improved the network’s overall performance and enabled the city to handle its existing load and boost capacity. The change transformed the total network footprint into a smaller configuration that required less space, power and cooling. 



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