Township Launches New Technology for Customer Service Improvement

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King Township, in Ontario, Canada, became one of the first municipalities in Canada with a fully integrated mobile app that works in conjunction with its web portal and online services to provide Anytime, Anywhere and Any Device access to information and e-services.

This platform provides enhanced convenience to the residents and businesses of King Township to access municipal services and information, while helping to improve internal service delivery efficiency. The miCity Mobile App runs on both Apple and Android platforms and supports both smart phones and tablets.

Unlike other mobile apps used by other municipalities, which are typically stand-alone applications, the miCity app is tightly integrated with the township’s portal, citizen relationship management system and online services, including full GIS integration to ensure timely, relevant and consistent information and e-services via both mobile devices and desktop computers. The miCity app is an extension of Council member Imex Systems’ platform called iGov, which is an integrated e-government framework.

“With an integrated miCity mobile app and iCity online services, we are able to offer enhanced convenience and better user experience for our residents using state-of-the-art technology,” said Mayor Steve Pellegrini. “We are proud of what we are able to offer, despite being a small municipality. King Township has transformed into a Smart Township and has become a model for other municipalities for its leadership in customer service.”