Thai Law Enforcement Agency Optimizes Investigations with Big Data Solution

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Established under Thailand’s Ministry of Justice, the Department of Special Investigation (DSI) is a national law enforcement agency dedicated to stopping serious criminal activity. DSI needed better tools for mining large sets of structured and unstructured data to improve investigation processes and reduce manual procedures.

The agency’s large data sets included more than 1 million records gathered from multiple sources in both structured and unstructured formats, such as images, videos and documents.

“It was very difficult to mine through the data, and the results were too broad with unclear targets,” says Police Colonel Yannaphon Youngyuen, Deputy Director of the DSI. “This often forced us to send personnel to the actual crime scenes, which cost us a lot of time and money.”

DSI implemented a big data solution based on Council member Microsoft’s platform and Apache Hadoop software to give investigating officers self-service business intelligence tools and data-management capabilities. With them, DSI has improved accuracy and shortened criminal case investigation time from two years to 15 days. DSI plans to implement its own private cloud to manage the security of confidential data.