Smart meters give FP&L customers control of their energy use

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In 2013, GE and Florida Power & Light Company (FPL) celebrated completion of Energy Smart Florida (ESF), an initiative implemented to modernize the electric grid and build out a more reliable and efficient electrical infrastructure.

As part of the effort, FPL installed 4.5 million GE smart meters across its 35-county service territory, empowering FPL’s customers to take control of their energy use.

Council member GE’s smart grid solutions enable effective two-way communication between FPL and its customers. For example, FPL’s advanced metering infrastructure provides its customers with hourly data on their energy usage. Each customer with an activated smart meter can view his or her own “Energy Dashboard” through FPL’s website. The dashboard displays information about consumption and costs a day after it has been recorded by the smart meter. Each customer can view his or her own power use by the hour, day and month and can receive bill estimates based on current usage patterns.

Many customers are regular dashboard users and have provided comments to FPL on how much they like it. For example, one FPL customer said, “If people choose to use the customer portal, they will definitely see benefits. Changing our energy habits has saved our family about $100 dollars a month compared to similar homes in our area.” Another customer noted, “I think the online portal is the greatest tool FPL has to offer. In today’s economy, every dollar is important. Thanks to the smart grid, my family is saving as much as $30 a month.”