Smart Fleet cuts congestion in Qatar by directing drivers around it

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Like many developed areas, there are traffic jams in Qatar that not only aggravate commuters but can also be costly for companies with fleet vehicles that move goods and services around the region.

Council member Ooredoo, the telecommunications company based in the Qatar capital of Doha, developed a cloud and sensor-based Smart Fleet solution that deploys GPS and GSM technology to centralize and manage transport-related information. The subscription-based service can be used for any kind of fleet, whether in the services sector, transport and logistics, passenger transportation or construction.

When there is a traffic jam, the system can route a driver around it. That not only saves the driver time, but it can save other drivers time too. By reducing the number of vehicles driving into the congestion, the traffic jam can clear faster.

In addition to reducing the amount of gas wasted in traffic, Smart Fleet can also design fuel-efficient routes for drivers, which can save companies money and help reduce pollution. By keeping track of their assets in real-time, the system also helps the companies that use it reduce loss and theft.