Smart control systems give abandoned building a new life

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  An “intervention” staged at a long-abandoned building in Molise, Italy was designed to bring it up to current energy efficiency standards and to give it a useful life again.

Toward that end, Council member ABB provided a building automation system based on the international KNX standard with functions including:

  • Modifying lighting based on the presence of people in different settings and the level of natural lighting.
  • Controlling air conditioning based on the presence of people in different settings, window opening and solar radiation.
  • Control and supervision through a PC and a Touch Panel installed in the porter’s lodge. The system manages internal and external lighting, occupancy sensors, air conditioning, sunshades and more. Through the PC it is also possible to pre-program on and off times, for example external lighting and corridor lighting.

For the lighting system alone, the estimated electricity saving is about 50-60 MWh, corresponding to a saving of about 10,000 Euros (roughly $13,000).