'Smart Code' helps West African city enhance livability

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Libreville is the capital of Gabon, a rapidly developing country in west Africa. Recent growth – to almost 1 million people – has outpaced the city’s ability to accommodate change and has taken place largely without the benefit of comprehensive urban planning. As a result, Libreville suffers from unplanned land uses and incompatible development.

The government has introduced the “Smart Code” into Gabon and adopted it as the primary basis for urban land development in Libreville. The Smart Code provides a framework for flexibility that is not possible with traditional zoning, making it possible to incorporate new ideas in land planning as well as smart technologies in transport and water utilities.

Council member Bechtel is working with the Gabonese government to deliver several development projects intended to address pressing issues related to the housing stock and enhancing Libreville’s built environment.

Better quality infrastructure, adapted to the local culture and integrated with new commercial services, will significantly improve the city’s quality of life. A particular focus is on improving less developed neighborhoods, the quartiers sous integrés, with the benefits of better housing, transport and water and sanitary systems services.

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