A Smart City at the foot of the Sierra Nevada Mountians

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Carson City is the capital of the state of Nevada. Its Public Works Department is responsible for taking care of the city’s water, wastewater, transportation, landfill, fleet, environmental and renewable power systems. In order to achieve its goals, the department created an infrastructure revolving around the capabilities of its people and technology from Council member Schneider Electric.

Carson City has created a totally integrated management system that controls the city’s water and wastewater system. The solution also includes management of the department’s solar plants that provide up to 748,000 kWh of clean power annually. The department even maintains the city’s traffic lights. “What we’ve created here is a smarter Carson City. One with a complete solution that involves the Wonderware® System Platform running the Wonderware mobile reporting application with SmartGlance on virtual

machines. The solution provides our team with communications over wireless platforms that include both standard and mobile monitoring and control,” says James Jacklett, Electrical/Signal Supervisor at Carson City Public Works Department.

The ability of the department’s engineers and operators to use mobile devices to control the water, wastewater, energy and transportation systems has allowed Carson City to become more efficient by making sure that people are always on the move. The solution provides management with instant access to key performance indicators and critical process information right on their mobile devices. Leveraging virtualization, tablets and smartphones to increase the efficiency of its operators and management has resulted in increased situational awareness, a higher level of operational readiness and a 15% reduction in man hours.