School District Uses Datacenter Services to Reduce Costs, Improve Education

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Tainan City Education Center is responsible for the technology needs of the Taiwan city’s 275 public K–9 schools. This includes Internet connection infrastructure; IT education to help students achieve high levels of technology literacy, and value-added services to assist the schools’ teachers and administrators, such as electronic administration, educational technology recommendations and self-service application development.

Each school has traditionally hosted its own server infrastructure, and the large number and geographic distribution of the schools has made it challenging and costly to provide a consistently high level of IT support.

The education center has begun migrating to a new centralized IT infrastructure based on a private cloud model developed in consultation with Microsoft Services Consulting. Microsoft is a Smart Cities Council member.

Education center officials anticipate that the new infrastructure will save the city US$344,000 per year in hardware and support costs, and it will reduce the district’s carbon emissions by 2,610 tons annually. In addition, teachers can take advantage of cutting-edge technology to improve classroom materials, and students have increased access to educational resources.