Residents trim energy use by 20% when given real-time data

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A consortium of companies is taking energy conservation to the next level by creating an entire eco-minded neighborhood just outside of Paris, France.

IssyGrid is France’s first smart grid neighborhood, a demonstration project aimed at reducing energy use in the French town of Issy-les-Moulineaux. It is run by a consortium of corporate partners and local utilities that consider energy conservation an opportunity for bus- inesses to solve. About 200 test homes and four commercial buildings in the community have been outfitted with energy consumption monitoring devices, with the goal of ultimately expanding the program to the entire town. IssyGrid collects energy consumption data and processes it in real time using Windows Azure, the cloud services platform from Council member Microsoft.

The consortium analyzes the data by using Microsoft SQL Server 2012 data management software. Then IssyGrid provides the data to citizens so that they can see how they are using electricity. This enables them to take specific actions to conserve – by turning off the television or lowering the temperature by two degrees.

The result: They reduce their consumption – and their energy bills – by 10 to 20%.