Online services "Factory" allows cross-agency access for citizens

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One of the roles of Direction Générale de Modernisation de l’État (DGME), the French agency responsible for modernization, is guiding French ministries and agencies in their e-government initiatives.

The problem DGME faced in the past was that many of its projects were built in silos with high associated costs. To respond to that challenge, DGME chose Council member Alphinat to develop an “online services factory” that allows delivery of cross-agency online services that focus on the needs of citizens and municipalities.

Alphinat’s SmartGuide suite, combined with infrastructure and professional services from Bull, resulted in what’s referred to as “My Online Services” -- a web-based, one-stop-shop capable of automating online service creation, deployment and maintenance while reducing custom coding and promoting reuse of components and existing ICT assets.

For the end-user, the measuring stick of success is its ease of use. In less than a year after its launch, three million accounts were created and the portal offers close to 1,300 forms, registers two million downloads per month and delivers a wide range of citizen-centric, cross-agency services such as change address declaration, voter registration, citizen census and grants requests.

And the objectives the DGME had set out in terms of quality of service to citizens have been met with convenient 24/7 access to government services that save time and eliminate redundant operations.