New technology makes Charleston smarter and safer

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Like many cities, Charleston, South Carolina, faced a need to improve its public safety-related IT and communications infrastructure to help deliver more efficient public safety services for its fast-growing population. Above all, Charleston wanted to find better ways to coordinate the efforts of its police, who are charged with protecting more than 125,000 residents scattered across 127 square miles, along with parks, waterways,and coastal areas.

In addition, Charleston anchors a metropolitan area of about 700,000 people, with several municipalities in a small geographic area, all served by their own separate law enforcement agencies. Sharing information among jurisdictions sometimes proved cumbersome, complicating efforts to respond to developing situations in a timely manner.

Keeping officers safe in the line of duty remained a top priority, and the city wanted to ensure that new technology met internal mandates for cost-effectiveness and sustainability.

The city selected Council member Verizon to help build a solution which ultimately gave their police officers the data, applications, and support they need in an efficient and cost-effective way. They collaborated with makers of in-car video recorders and ruggedized laptops to equip 72 Charleston police cars with a system that allows officers to stay in contact with dispatchers, supervisors, and other patrol units wherever they are in the field. The system immediately helped increase productivity for both officers in the field and personnel back at headquarters.