Long Beach Water operators see the big picture in real time

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The Long Beach, California water department is responsible for keeping the city’s 487,000 residents adequately supplied with clean, good-tasting water. It is also responsible for the safe delivery of wastewater to its nearby sewage treatment facilities. It’s a complex system consisting of nearly 30,000 different data points.

Operating its remote facilities and treatment plants efficiently requires Long Beach Water to use sophisticated technology to help maintain communications over the entire system in real time.

To enable its control room staff to effectively monitor and manage more than 90 remote telemetry units and its groundwater treatment facility, the water department uses a comprehensive Wonderware® solution from Council member Schneider Electric.

The system is PC-based and uses the Microsoft Windows operating system with Wonderware’s InTouch® human machine interface (HMI) software, which provides real-time visualization capabilities to monitor and control different sites.

The department polls the 40 remote sites throughout the water system an average of once every minute to ensure efficient operations. The data is stored in a Wonderware Historian, enabling the water department’s main office to have simultaneous access to multiple data inputs from pumps, valves and equipment throughout the city.

Operators have a complete picture of the city’s water system processes at any given time, thereby improving overall performance. With this level of visibility, subtle inefficiencies and any water-quality problems can be corrected immediately. And additional data critical to operations, such as where a leak on a pipeline has occurred, can be transferred back to the central site in real time.