Kanaiwa Hospital’s Non-Stop Network Supports Electronic Health Record System

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When Kanaiwa Hospital in Kanazawa, Japan, decided to introduce a comprehensive electronic health records (EHR) system, it needed a smooth transition from its old paper record-keeping as well as a “non-stop” network to support the new system.

Founded in 1956, hospital departments include psychiatry, psychosomatic medicine and child psychiatry. Mental disorders often require prolonged treatment periods, resulting in vast amounts of medical records and test data, which meant relying on paper records was time consuming and wasteful.

The hospital needed a robust and healthy medical network that would easily connect their departments, services and functions. Key to the success of Kanaiwa’s new network was that it provide “non-stop networking”– meaning a high-availability architecture that removes the risk of failure through resilient design.

Constant access to medical records and other online resources was an essential requirement for the hospital, where time can be a critical factor in providing quality patient care.

Working with Council member Allied Telesis, Kanaiwa Hospital now has its EHR system in place. It includes Allied’s SwitchBlade x8100 series core switch, and the Allied Telesis Management Framework (AMF). AMF has enabled centralized and automated network management, and the network is now simple to run, saving time and reducing costs. And Allied Telesis Extricom Series wireless technology provides hospital-wide network access with seamless roaming.