How Cape Town is Becoming a ‘City of Opportunity’

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The City of Cape Town is achieving its vision of becoming a “City of Opportunity”—a united, efficient and inclusive city in which everyone has the opportunity to further their dreams. 
The city is using Council member Microsoft’s software to transform its infrastructure with a private cloud to standardize service delivery to all constituents. Cape Town engages its citizens through an eGovernment portal and accelerates opportunities, for example, by working with Microsoft BizSpark to support local startups to optimize public transport. 
Taking advantage of the Microsoft CityNext initiative, Cape Town is using a Windows 8 app developed by local startup WhereIsMyTransport. To increase ridership the company
developed the app for smartphones and also offers a text-based option for people using less-expensive “feature” phones so that citizens from all neighborhoods, and tourists, can access transit schedule information to optimize their movements around the city. The information gathered from the public’s use of the apps is stored in Microsoft Azure for planners to design future transit services and infrastructure improvements. 
Cape Town is also partnering with Microsoft-sponsored social programs such as the 4Afrika Initiative and YouthSpark to empower young people with opportunities for education, employment, and entrepreneurship.