German city consolidates building management and cuts energy use

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  The city of Bremen, Germany wanted to unify more than 1,200 municipal properties under a single, open building management system (BMS) to optimize the efficiency of heating systems and reduce energy consumption.

The challenge was that six control stations across the city were running a variety of proprietary building control systems. After analyzing the options, the city’s property services company settled on a vendor-agnostic BMS based on the Wonderware® solution from Smart Cities Council member Schneider Electric.

That approach allowed the city to consolidate the various legacy systems into a single operator interface.

Now regional supervisors working from any location can log onto the system and troubleshoot problems in real time at any of the city of Bremen’s buildings. Wonderware InTouch® also sends alerts and alarms to individual workstations, so operators can take swift corrective measures and supervisors have visibility to their actions.

Energy consumption in the buildings is down 15% to 18%.