Future of housing? Utility turns to crowdsourcing to solicit ideas

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What will homes of 2040 be like? What should they be like?

Council member Enel, a forward-thinking Italian utility, turned to the wisdom of the masses to uncover truly transformational ideas that will result in the homes of the future today.

Through its subsidiary Ampla in Brazil, it launched a crowdsourcing platform that will aid in the sharing and selection of ideas for building an efficient, smart and sustainable home.

Enel solicited ideas for what it’s calling the NO.V.A. house. NO.V.A. is short for a Brazilian Portuguese phrase that means “we are living tomorrow.” Ideas for the house have come from all over the world.

The house will be built in Niterói, located across the bay from Rio de Janeiro. How it will be designed and the features it will have will be decided in part by ideas submitted through a special website.

While environmental impact and energy conservation are important considerations, they aren’t the only ones. In addition to green architecture and design ideas, the team behind the house looked for suggestions to improve the quality of life of the people who might live in it. The site also took suggestions for improving urban mobility, healthy lifestyles and social connections.

Once complete, the house designed by the masses will become a research laboratory that will study energy efficiency and the impact of technology on everyday lives.