French Cities Cut Drivers’ Costs by 90% with Intelligent Car-Sharing

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Syndicat Mixte Autolib is an electric car-sharing program established by the city of Paris and 46 surrounding municipalities to relieve traffic congestion, reduce noise and air pollution and provide people with more flexible transit options.

Implemented by logistics company IER, the intelligent system based on Council member Microsoft’s Windows Embedded provides connectivity between the in-car system, registration and rental kiosks, charging stations and a central management system.

Available around the clock, the solution has reduced carbon dioxide emissions by 1.5 metric tons annually and replaced 25,000 privately owned gas vehicles. By using Autolib, former car owners have cut their transportation costs by approximately 90% annually. Autolib subscribers also enjoy an enhanced driving experience with GPS navigation, free parking and personalized settings.

The flexible solution also simplifies implementation and minimizes deployment risk, which makes it easier for Autolib to implement new features and services.