Crossrail Project connects London’s main business centers

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With the goal of improving rail capacity, reducing traffic congestion and reducing public transit travel times in London, Crossrail Ltd and Transport for London (TfL) –the companies responsible for delivery and rail operations in London, respectively – began construction of a new 118 kilometer east-west rail line. The line will, for the first time, produce a direct connection between all of London’s main business centers, linking Heathrow, Paddington, the West End, the City and Canary Wharf.

Up to 24 trains per hour will operate in the central section between Paddington and Whitechapel during peak periods, with each train able to carry 1,500 passengers. An estimated 200 million people will travel on Crossrail each year.

When Crossrail opens in 2018, it will increase London’s rail-based transport network capacity by 10% and dramatically cut journey times across the city. It has been estimated that Crossrail will generate an economic impact of about £42 billion.

Council member Bechtel is the delivery partner for the central section of the project including the tunneling and underground stations.

Through changes in work processes, Bechtel has triggered dramatic reductions in greenhouse gas emissions on the massive construction project.