Connecting Cambridgeshire Constabulary

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Cambridgeshire Constabulary is an English force of around 1,400 officers and 200 police community support officers responsible for an area of approximately 3,500 kilometers and a population of 0.7 million.

Cambridgeshire officers depended on paper-based notes that created an inefficient administrative burden and siloed important information. Facing budget constraints, Cambridgeshire Constabulary wanted to make better use of officers’ time to reassure the public and protect their safety. It also wanted a way to ensure and demonstrate the integrity of all notes officers take at the scene of a crime which could later be used as evidence.

Cambridgeshire worked with independent software developer Black Marble to develop a mobile application that enables officers to access all relevant data systems from a single point. It deployed the application on Lenovo tablet devices powered by Council member Intel’s Core™ i5 and Atom™ processors to create a cryptographically secure electronic notebook for each officer. Officers can print wirelessly; share data via USB ports, Wi-Fi or 4G; and connect to existing peripherals such as keyboards and cameras.

The Constabulary estimates that simply mobilizing the desktop for police officers in the field or on patrol has already saved, on average, an hour a day per officer .Internal assessments also show that officers spend significantly less time on administrative tasks.




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