City Meets the Future with Accountability and Efficiency

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The city of Redmond, Washington – home to Council member Microsoft’s corporate campus and a number of the software giant’s partner companies – is proud of its responsiveness and the wide range of services it offers to constituents. Aiming to take the city into the future, policymakers developed a visionary technology plan.

Redmond sought to make its business processes more efficient and transparent. It started by replacing an ERP system that was unable to meet public-sector needs and could not accommodate the way the city’s employees worked. The city implemented Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 for public sector organizations together with other software tools. Now, with streamlined operations and employees empowered with meaningful data, Redmond can provide citizens greater service quality and more effective communications.

The city’s work culture is transforming for optimal transparency and accountability. As city project leaders realized what the new ERP system and other technologies would help employees accomplish, they took advantage of opportunities to revise business processes for greater efficiency and simplicity. Those included a new chart of accounts, workflows and approvals for spending and invoices, budgeting and other tasks.

From eliminating duplicate data entry to replacing disparate tasks with streamlined workflows, Redmond is generating efficiencies by using the financial management capabilities in the new ERP system. “We can now decentralize many functions and assign resources to more important functions or, in some cases, actually reduce the level of full-time employees dedicated to certain tasks,” says Redmond Mayor John Marchione.