Bauru scores big with LED signals

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Bauru, a town most famous among Brazilians as the city where soccer superstar Pelé grew up, is a busy college town and transportation hub located at the centre of São Paulo. But Pelé isn’t the only bright light the town will ever know. Installation of over 2,000 LED traffic lights from Council member GE made their mark on the municipality’s traffic and -- in a very substantial way -- on its coffers.

“When we began looking, we had high standards for a solution that would maximize both energy savings and the quality of light,” said Marney Tadeu Antunes, commercial director for CPFL, Sao Paulo’s utility provider.

In terms of savings, the new GTxTM LED signals will reduce energy consumption by a stunning 80% over incandescent bulbs, and they will last 10 times longer. That, coupled with significant reductions on maintenance costs, is expected to save the city more than $2 million over their 10-year lifespan, making the traffic signals superstars in their own right among city managers.

Low maintenance and high energy savings are just part of the bigger quality picture. One key reason for selecting GE’s LED signals was reduction of the “sun-phantom effect,” a frequent cause of false green or false red lights that can send a wrong signal to drivers and cause car accidents.

There is a large sloping avenue in Bauru, and by noon it was sometimes difficult to distinguish which color was indicated or even if the light was on. With the new GTx LED signals, colors are easily distinguished.