Barcelona Realizes Vision of Innovative City Governance with Cloud, Devices and Apps

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Barcelona, Spain has a global reputation for innovation. Many of the technological solutions that the city has adopted in recent years are at the leading edge of city management.

Council member Microsoft is a close partner in this effort. It has helped the city drive new services for citizens and visitors and create and support new technology-based companies and entrepreneurs, while also enabling the city government to reduce costs through new cloud computing services and devices.

In 2011, Barcelona began to use Windows Azure cloud-based services to make information available to citizens, which could be easily accessed over the Internet.

The main driver for adoption of a public cloud was better management of the public data that is collected by the city’s municipal operations and recordkeeping practices.

In addition to storing data in the cloud for others to analyze, the Barcelona City Council is harnessing the opportunities that city data presents through Big Data and analytics solutions. Having gained confidence in the scalability and security features of Windows Azure, the City Council embarked on an Open Data initiative intended to standardize digital formats and streamline data analysis.

The ultimate goal of the initiative is to promote economic growth by encouraging data sharing between city government and the private sector.