Arkansas airport enhances service reliability with automatic restoration system

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In 1998, Carroll Electric Cooperative Corporation in Bentonville, Ark., installed one of the world’s first IntelliTeam® Automatic Restoration Systems at the then-new Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport. The system from Council member S&C Electric Company can provide power to up to three of the Remote Supervisory Pad-Mounted Gear units that feed the airport’s electrical loads. Each of the controls is furnished with a UtiliNet® WanGate Radio.

The radios provide inter-team communication but do not report team status to the airport’s SCADA system, as is now typically the case for IntelliTeam Automatic Restoration Systems. Team status is instead reported to a pager gateway. Support for the pager system is no longer available, however. It was thus time to update the airport’s IntelliTeam system and its communication capability.

Carroll Electric contracted with S&C to update the gear with new 6800 Series Automatic Switch Controls featuring the IntelliTeam® SG Automatic Restoration System, and SpeedNet™ Radios.

Since IntelliTeam SG can handle as many teams of switches as line loading will allow, each of the Scada-Mate switches can now provide power for all six of the airport’s Remote Supervisory Pad-Mounted Gear units, providing enhanced service reliability. And team status serving the airport is now available to cooperatives monitoring the system.

In addition, Carroll Electric can now make any necessary configuration changes to the airport’s IntelliTeam SG System remotely from its operations center.