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Tue, 2015-11-10 09:14 -- Jon DeKeles
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Recovering and reusing waste material
Plastic Recycling Makes Public Spaces
Learn how Loos.fm in the Netherlands utilized plastic recycling to build a pet pavilion that was cost-effective and eco-friendly, and created a public space to benefit the community in this short video from Council member IBM.

Magpie Plastic Sorting Technology as Part of the Recycling Process
Watch this video tour of Council member Veolia’s “Magpie” intelligent sorting technology at its Integrated Waste Management Facility in Padworth, West Berkshire. The facility separates mixed plastic into different waste streams.

Target: Embed RFID tags in recycling bins
Smart Trash: Study on RFID Tags and the Recycling Industry
This technical report prepared for the European Commission will help urban waste management professionals weigh the opportunities and challenges of RFID (radio frequency identification) technologies to reduce waste management costs and streamline and automate for efficiencies.