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Wed, 2015-10-28 22:58 -- Jon DeKeles
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The elements of a roadmap

Many authorities recommend that your roadmap include these five elements at a minimum:

  1. An assessment of where you are
  2. A vision for where you want to go
  3. Project plans for the key components
  4. Milestones to mark progress
  5. Metrics to measure and prove success

Assessment – a clear picture of where the city is now, measured in terms of the key performance indicators you will use to quantify success. For instance, in pages to follow you’ll learn how Vancouver, B.C.’s action plan included baseline numbers to indicate the city’s current level of performance.

Vision – a clear picture of the ultimate outcomes, expressed in terms of citizen benefits. The vision should not be expressed solely as technical achievements but also as the lifestyle and workstyle improvements the technology makes possible. It is essential to build that vision with citizen involvement. First, you’ll get better and more diverse suggestions. Second, you’ll build consensus and commitment. You’ll also want to re-imagine what your city’s departmental organization should look like.