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Wed, 2015-10-28 22:58 -- Jon DeKeles
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Quick payback with smart street lights
San Diego’s LED Street Lighting Project
Lorie Cosio-Azar, Project Officer for the city of San Diego Environmental Services Department, explains why Council member GE’s energy-efficient LED street lighting fixtures and wireless lighting controls will save her city more than $250,000 annually.

Lighting Up the Future, Together
Streetlights are important civic assets that consume approximately 40% of a municipality’s energy budget. Replacing existing streetlights with networked LED luminaires enables tremendous energy savings. Learn more in this video from Council member Silver Spring Networks.

Multiple paybacks from smart grid technologies
Space-Time Insight at Sacramento Municipal Utility District
The payback with a smart grid isn’t necessarily lower electric rates. Learn how Sacramento Municipal Utility District is using situational intelligence applications to increase grid reliability and integrate new energy technologies such as wind and solar power, electric vehicles, energy storage and demand response in this video from Council member Space-Time Insight.

Have access to a central GIS
OGC Smart Cities Spatial Information Framework
Location information can provide valuable insight that smart cities can use to improve the lives of citizens. The Open Geospatial Consortium Smart Cities Spatial Information Framework highlighted in this white paper from Council advisor OGC provides guidance on planning and implementing open spatial standard architectures, which are key to driving interoperability and efficiency in GIS projects.

Emphasizing synergies and interdependencies
Improving government interoperability: A capability framework for government managers
This comprehensive white paper by the Center for Technology in Government, a Council advisor, provides guidance for government managers as they begin to move beyond the vision of a more effective government to the reality. It defines government interoperability as the mix of policy, management and technology capabilities needed by a network of organizations to deliver coordinated government programs and services.

Use experts. Finding the right experts is an important task. They must have a holistic, big-picture outlook to help your city find cross-departmental synergies.