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Wed, 2015-10-28 22:50 -- Jon DeKeles
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Target: Enable distributed generation with interconnection standards
Energy transition in urban environments: battling integration challenges with evolving technologies
As urbanization challenges cities, key technologies and social innovations need further development. This white paper from Council member Alstom Grid puts integration of distributed renewable energy resources with utility grids among them.

Target: Automate fault and outage management
Canada’s First Utility-Scale Energy Storage System Islands Remote Town During Outages
The remote town of Field relies on one 25-kV distribution feeder to supply its 300 residents with power. But providing reliable power to Field is challenging. Council member S&C Electric deployed a solution that provided extra benefits.

Target: Achieve operational optimization
Citywide Energy Efficiency and Sustainability in Boston
To meet greenhouse gas reduction goals, the city of Boston leveraged Schneider Electric’s StructureWare software for citywide energy, greenhouse gas and sustainability management.

Target: Create a security framework
Big Data and Security in the Smart Grid
In this brief video, Laurent Schmitt of Alstom Grid explains how big data and security are paramount to Alstom’s business and future objectives for smart grid systems and how Alstom’s collaboration with Council member Intel furthers those objectives.

Target: Consider a cloud computing framework
Donald’s Smart City with the PI System and MS Azure
The PI System from Council member OSIsoft shares and combines building and utility data through the cloud. Learn more in this video about what that can mean for building managers, airports, stadiums and others.

Target: Automate fault and outage management
Modernizing the Grid: How a Utility Cured an Ibuprofen Plant’s Biggest Headache
The Albemarle Ibuprofen plant is an anchor of the economy in the Orangeburg, S.C. area. But power outages were providing the facility’s biggest headache. The local utility worked with Council member Siemens to cure it.

Target: Achieve asset optimization
Get insights in this video from Council member West Monroe Partners about how to better manage all assets connected to the grid. Connect-the-Grid is a scalable, cloud-based resource for utilities.

Target: Achieve full situational awareness
Bringing Software Defined Operations to the Industrial Internet
Learn in this video from Council member Bit Stew Systems how its information processing engine, MIx Core™, enables complex event processing, advanced analytics and sophisticated machine intelligence.