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About the Smart Cities Council

There is no other organization like the Smart Cities Council. We act as a market accelerator and advisor to cities – advocating for the transformation of urban areas into more livable, workable and sustainable communities. The Council is a coalition of leading technology companies with deep expertise in areas such as energy, water, communications and transportation. We have come together to provide a collaborative, vendor-neutral framework to guide cities through their smart city planning and implementation. We envision a world where technology and intelligent design are harnessed to create smart, sustainable and prosperous cities. We work to create cities that exemplify our three core values: livability, workability and sustainability. Visit www.smartcitiescouncil.com to learn more.

Smart Cities Council® and Smart Cities Readiness Guide® are registered trademarks owned by Smart Cities Council LLC.

The Future of the Readiness Guide

This Readiness Guide is the first collaborative and comprehensive framework for a smart city, against which cities can assess their readiness to innovate – identifying a path, taking next steps and measuring progress. It was prepared with input from best-in-class companies across many industries. In addition, more than 50 of the world’s foremost independent experts on smart city development from academia, research and advocacy have reviewed and contributed to the Guide. Version 1.0 was released at the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona, Spain on Nov. 19, 2013. This is Version 2.0. We will continue to revise and update it.

City master plans

As noted in the Ideas to Action chapter of this Guide, cities don’t have to reinvent the wheel when planning a smart city roadmap. To provide ideas and inspiration, we’ve gathered a selection of visioning/roadmap/master plan documents from cities around the world. If you have others you’d like  to recommend, please direct them to Jesse Berst