Readiness Guide - Case Studies

Ideas to Action

With over 3.9 million citizens and more than 500 administered institutions and schools, New Taipei city government began constructing and integrating the public cloud and service cloud, not only to strengthen city government operations and that of its subordinate agencies, but also to determine public sentiment regarding government services.

Roy Buol will tell you that the theme of making Dubuque a more sustainable city was central to his successful run for mayor in 2005. He’ll tell you how much the issue resonated with the thousands of voters he spoke with in the course of knocking on thousands of doors. But one thing he won’t do is take top credit forDubuque becoming the model of a sustainable midsize city that it is today.

Portland, Oregon-based EcoDistricts seeks to inspire cities to remake themselves from the neighborhoods up. The nonprofit organization works with city builders and entrepreneurs, policymakers and innovators to create vibrant neighborhoods and smart cities. It disseminates district-scale best practices to create the neighborhoods of the future.

Introduction to Smart Cities

The City of Cape Town is achieving its vision of becoming a “City of Opportunity”—a united, efficient and inclusive city in which everyone has the opportunity to further their dreams.

How to Use the Readiness Guide

Council member Cisco is one of the high-tech companies partnering with the government of Portugal to invent and build a state-of-the-art smart city from the ground up. Located in the town of Paredes about two hours north of Lisbon, Portugal, the project is spearheaded by Portuguese company Living PlanIT.

Located in the heart of the Mediterranean and known for its stable economy and pro-business government, Malta is a group of small islands 50 miles to the south of Sicily. Home to roughly 400,000 people, it has the highest population density in Europe, putting a genuine strain on power, gas, waste management and other essential services.

Smart People

That’s exactly what Council member IBM did in conjunction with its Smarter Cities Challenge grant program, a multi-year, 100- plus city initiative designed to get them started on ambitious projects. IBM has donated millions of dollars in employees’ time to work with city leaders.

When Kansas City Board of Public Utilities (KC BPU) installed a water and electric AMI system in 2013, in addition to improving service and reliability, they hoped to empower customers to be wiser energy and water consumers. That goal prompted the Water Department staff to make residential leak detection a priority.

One of the roles of Direction Générale de Modernisation de l’État (DGME), the French agency responsible for modernization, is guiding French ministries and agencies in their e-government initiatives.

As a leader in public sector IT, the London Borough of Newham wanted to improve its service delivery and digital engagement with citizens, while reducing costs. By sharing services with the neighboring local authority of Havering, Newham is pioneering a transformation in both councils using a trio of technologies from Council member Microsoft – Dynamics CRM, SharePoint Server and BizTalk Server.


Carson City is the capital of the state of Nevada. Its Public Works Department is responsible for taking care of the city’s water, wastewater, transportation, landfill, fleet, environmental and renewable power systems. In order to achieve its goals, the department created an infrastructure revolving around the capabilities of its people and technology from Council member Schneider Electric.

Jacksonville is the 14th largest city in North Carolina and home to more than 70,000 residents. Jacksonville’s Information Technology Services (ITS) department provides citywide support for all computer, phone, security and geographic information systems through its operations center for over 500 end users.

Tianjin Eco-City is a flagship collaborative project between Singapore and China. Established in 2007, it is built on the vision of being “a thriving city which is socially harmonious, environmentally friendly and resource-efficient.” Located in the city’s Binhai New District, the community will cover a land area of about 30 square kilometers. When completed in 2020, it will house approximately 350,000 residents.

South Bend, Indiana had a serious problem: wastewater spilling into the St. Joseph River and welling up in basements. The city’s wastewater pipes and treatment facilities just couldn’t handle the volume.

Bauru, a town most famous among Brazilians as the city where soccer superstar Pelé grew up, is a busy college town and transportation hub located at the centre of São Paulo. But Pelé isn’t the only bright light the town will ever know. Installation of over 2,000 LED traffic lights from Council member GE made their mark on the municipality’s traffic and -- in a very substantial way -- on its coffers.